Make it sparkle: prom theme causes debate

Prom. This is the day every student anticipates during their high school career. Not only is it a fun-filled dance with great music, decorations, and a delicious dinner, it marks the end of our overall teenage experience. Everything that we worked for, everything that we have become, all the friends that we have made… our prom brings us all together as a class for the last time.

Senior exec is in charge of organizing this memorable event and this year, like every other year, they choose the theme. After long hours of hard work and decision making, the exec finally proposed the prom theme, ‘Diamonds in the Dusk’, at the senior assembly. However, their hopeful reactions from the class was bombarded with ‘boos’ and rude outbursts.

“I was really shocked at the reaction I got from the class after we worked so hard to come up with a theme that we thought everyone would like,” Class President Abby Voss said. “Prom is supposed to be elegant, and the theme presents sophistication to our class.” Although many students are excited about the prom theme, others feel differently. Not only are students complaining that the theme makes our class look “stuck up”, they are angry that they were not given the opportunity to vote on the theme. Nevertheless, individuals should recall, senior exec did not limit their ideas and opinions from being considered. Any student had the chance to send in any of their prom ideas. Senior exec- the voice of our class, the organizers of our events, and the group of students that are chosen by us to represent our school- have the authority to decide what theme would best suit our prom.

“It has always been a tradition for the class exec to decide the prom theme; this year shouldn’t be any different,” Vice president, Victoria Trout said.

When it comes down to it, prom is a once in a lifetime thing; we can never get it back. The overall turnout of the dance cannot just be judged on the beautiful decorations that hang upon the walls. It is up to us, the class of 2012, to make prom an experience that we will remember as we leave high school and continue on to the next chapter of our lives.