Video games are not making kids fat, food is

Parents, dietitians, and specialists always try to blame video games for their fat kids. It is not the video games that make kids fat, it is the food.

Maybe if parents would monitor food intake and control diets, then the nation’s children would be thinner. Teach them to put down the “Big Mac”; do something, but do not blame video games.
Parents often see the inactivity associated with video games and lacking exercise as the reason behind their children’s weight; however, exercise is not the weight loss catalyst that it is perceived as. Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy weight. Kids could be outside all day and still not sustain the proper intensity level required for weight loss.

In order to lose weight, a calorie deficit must be made, and although exercise does help in achieving that deficit, most children will not meet the quota with typical playtime. Exercise is definitely vital to keeping a child healthy and promoting proper growth, but proper nutrition is the key to maintaining a child at a healthy weight.

As long as the child is preoccupied, he/she will not be tempted to eat, and as long as they play video games they will also feel and relate to the pressure of sustaining a certain physical appearance. The character models are so jacked and physically developed that all anyone would even consider is getting lean.
These games put forth as much emphasis on body image as any fashion ad. Play any game and it will be evident that every character from God of War’s Kratos to Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield that a perfectly sculpted body is a requirement for any protagonist or anti-hero.

Exercise should be emphasised when raising a child, but do not blame sedentary activities for a child’s weight. Sometimes a game of chess or even Super Mario would benefit the child just as much as physical activity. Of course moderation of everything is key, but food and diet occupies a larger role in overall health.