There is Snow way we are having a snow day

With the pending “Icepocalypse of 2013” on its way, students are hoping for a snow day on Friday. Is a snow day really worth it?

We just had a four day weekend and two short weeks. Sure another day off would be nice, but think ahead. Think of the day off you will have in the summer when you could be swimming or on vacation instead of shivering inside and scraping the snow off of your car. The first option sounds much better than having another cold day inside. If we do have a snow day it is not even considered a day off because we will have to make it up. Mehlville School District is still required to meet the required number of days in attendance so the last day of school will be pushed back a day to May 21.

Makayla Appel (10) says that having a snow day on Friday would not be worth it.

“We have been having cheer practice every day this week from 2:15 to 5:30 and if we don’t have the assembly on Friday, our practice wouldn’t be worth it,” said Appel.

A snow day would push off the Coaches vs. Cancer games and the pep assembly, which Mehlville and OHS have worked hard to advertise and get big attendance. It is one of the district’s biggest fundraisers and is worth not having a snow day. Coaches vs. Cancer is also senior night for the boys Varsity basketball team.