Chelsea’s spring break tips

1. Be prepared
– The biggest mistake someone can make when going on a trip is forgetting something important, or overpacking. When packing, make sure to only bring the necessities with you. If you overpack, you’re just going to be stuck with a bunch of stuff you won’t even use. Here’s a nifty packing list to help you:
2. Use the buddy system
– NEVER go out alone on a trip. It is probably the biggest mistake you can make. Even if you are confident in yourself and you know where you are going, you never know what could happen. Always bring a friend with you wherever you go. You will feel safer, and there is always strength in numbers.
3. Stay safe in the sun
– If you are going to spend time in the sun, make sure to use sunscreen. The sun is more harmful than you think! Here is a guide for SPF for certain skin tones: Another very important sun tip is drinking plenty of water while out in the sun. Staying hydrated is probably one the most important things aside from using sunscreen.
4. Be aware of your surroundings
– To stay safe wherever you may go, make sure to always be aware of what is going on around you. If you or someone in your group has a gut feeling that something is wrong or off about wherever you are, trust the gut feeling. Most likely there is a reason for it. Make sure not to go to any place where you feel uncomfortable.
5. Spend wisely
– Sure the t-shirts and magnets in the gift shop look like a good buy, but there are plenty of other stores and shops where you can find quality things. You can get the souvenir t-shirt to remember your trip by, but don’t go overboard with the souvenirs. Also, DO NOT spend all your money on the first or second day. You never know what you’re going to find or what your going to need to spend your money on.