Band parents gripe over play

Over the weekend I saw the Broadway musical American Idiot with my high school band. The band directors picked it out and thought it would be a good thing for us all to see to respect a new side of the arts. Little did everyone naïvely know, Green Day likes to push the limits… a lot.

The writers of the musical sure didn’t have a problem putting that message into their play. There was drinking, guys in underwear, flipping the bird, an awfully awkward sex scene, heroin use, and one extremely gay alter ego. The storyline was great, and so was the play. I loved it, but I sure wasn’t expecting to see what I saw.

There were people who walked out of the play, including some angry band chaperones. Personally, I wasn’t offended and I don’t think any of the other band kids were. It was nothing worse than anything we see in a rated R movie.

I think it is unfair for my band teachers to be facing the wrath of angry band parents. Sure, they could have done some better research and warned us, but the parents could have too. Honestly, the play was meant to make us feel uncomfortable. It definitely made me see that people aren’t ready for those boundaries to be pushed in the arts.

How can an 18th century nude painting be more offensive than an acted out sex scene? I think people need to see it from an open and accepting standpoint as well as realize it is art. Art is meant to push boundaries. If boundaries were never pushed, Elvis wouldn’t be the king, Bach would have never evolved into modern composers, and Picasso would be considered a lunatic. The lesson I learned was that something may seem a bit uncomfortable but it can still convey a great message. Props to Green Day. And Broadway. And music.