Tiger fights demons with club in hand

Tiger fights demons with club in hand


Tiger plays a shot at this years Masters.

Everyone has their own opinion on certain athletes, but especially when they are as high profile as the one and only Tiger Woods. Contrary to many views, I still find good in the man that had so much wrong in his life just three short years ago.

His fall from grace might have been one of the farthest plummets that we have ever seen from an athlete. He went from being the number one golfer in the world, winning the US Open on a broken leg, on his way to becoming the best golfer of all time, to being chased out of his house with a golf club by his wife and then crashing his car in his front yard. Then the fall began, with dozens of women coming out accusing him of cheating on his wife with them. Unfortunately, they were all mostly true and Woods lost his credibility and identity.

It has been the way he has came back, fighting off all his demons that has impressed me the most. Though it was a slow and difficult climb, Woods may have finally reclaimed some of his past glory. Yes, until he wins that 15th major people will say he is not all the way back, but after seeing him at the last few majors, I see him winning at least one in 2013. He has won big tournaments already this year at THE PLAYERS (considered the unofficial fifth major of the year) and a World Golf event at the Cadillac Championship.

If Woods wins 19 majores passing the golden bear Jack Nicklaus, I feel people will begin to forget the troubled past of the “former” Superstar. He has done a fairly well job of dealing with all of the attention he got for his huge gaff, on top of all the attention he already faced. Since his awkward press conference in January of 2010, Tiger has changed as a person and a golfer.

Now dating Lindsey Vonn (an olympic skier) and winning four of the seven tournaments he has entered, some may be surprised he has been able to come back as strong as he has. I am not surprised though, he is a high profile athlete with more individual talent than anyone on the tour. It is no surprised to me that he is winning and winning often.