Bowling team strives for another strong year

Although the bowling team is off to a slow start, they’re looking to have another promising year with several key returning players.

“It’s early, but my team still won 26 out of 35 points,” Scratch Captain David Rohlmann (12) said.

Rohlmann is down to a 190 average from his 210 from over the summer.

He’s not the only player yet to hit their usual stride. Dan Heldorfer (12) is down to a 165, compared to last year’s 199.

“I developed some bad habits after the summer,” Heldorfer said.

The team still had its strong points with solid performances from Nick Street (12), Tyler Shimmer (11), and Andrew Pepper (11).

The team also boasts nine new players, seven of which are freshman, who are showing a promising future for the team.

“The new freshmen are catching on fast. They’re great learners. In two years they could become a real threat,” Rohlmann said.
Some freshmen are learning so quickly, that they can even compete with several of the team’s veterans.

“It’s interesting to see how the older kids react when I’m beating them.” said Kayla Schimmer (9).

Schimmer averaged 187 last week, and last year she achieved the incredible feat of bowling a perfect 300 game.

The team won the Southwest Conference last year and expects to repeat that this year.