Rams get lost in a sea of hawks

Rams get lost in a sea of hawks

Chris Lee

Bradford Blasted: Rookie quarterback Sam Bradford gets sacked in a 16 – 6 loss in the NFC West Division game.

The Seattle Seahawks slid past the now “beloved” St. Louis Rams by a score of 16-6 on Jan. 2 in the last game of the regular season.

In a game of keep away and many punts, the Seahawks were propelled to their first playoff berth in three years making them the only team to ever make the playoffs with a losing record at 7-9. This sent Rams fans feeling how they have the last few years:hopeless.

However, good things will come out of this loss for the Rams and this helpless feeling will be short lived. The Rams not only are retaining Rookie of the Year candidate Sam Bradford, but also Steven Jackson who has posted top ten numbers for running back in the six years he has been in the league.

Another bright side to this loss is the Rams get a much better draft pick at 14 then they would have if they made the playoffs. With this pick fans and sportswriters are expecting a choice at a top tier wide receiver such as A.J. Green or Julio Jones.

“Even though the Rams did not make the playoffs, a 7-9 season is still a monumental improvement from where they sat last year [with just one win],” Connor Menzel (11), a die hard Rams fan, said.

Do not give up on the Rams yet because all signs are pointing at progress. At this pace the Rams are going to be a major threat in the league in the coming years. Then, St. Louis fans can once again be proud of their football team and truly have something to cheer about.