Living Life With A Ball On His Foot

Kantarevic shares love of soccer, what it has taught him


Photot Courtesy of Edijan Kantarevic

Junior Edijan Kantarevic gets the ball in the corner of the field at a game last summer. “At this point, all I had to do was beat my man and cross the ball in,” Kantarevic said. He crossed the ball in the box but none of his teammates got to the ball to score.

Soccer has been a major part of junior Edijan Kantarevic’s life for over 10 years. 

“I first got started with soccer back in third grade when my mom signed me up for a Vetta ISL league,” Kantarevic said.

Kantarevic is greatly appreciative of his mom for getting him started with soccer, which is now his whole life. Since he first started, Kantarevic has furthered his soccer knowledge and switched to a bigger and better soccer league.

“I now play for a Lou Fusz Club vs Club travel team where we play in the MPL League and travel around the Midwest and play other teams in the league,” Kantarevic said.

Kantarevic’s club team is a fairly new team.

“My team just became a thing this year, so my teammates and I are still trying to get to know each other better and learn each other’s style of play,” Kantarevic said. “Due to that, my coach makes us practice four times a week.”

Kantarevic has been enjoying the team and the competition he plays, as well as the many accomplishments he has had in soccer, but there is one that sticks with him the most.

“My greatest accomplishment above many would be me being able to teach younger kids my knowledge at my job, which is Vetta where I started my journey,” Kantarevic said.

Kantarevic loves to help the younger generation and share information that he wishes he knew when he was younger to help them be the best they can be, as he is passionate about soccer and what it has taught him.

“I just fell in love with the sport at a young age,” Kantarevic said, “and it keeps me motivated to do my best in school and at my home life.”

Furthermore, Kantarevic loves the core values soccer has taught him, and he sees a bright future for himself in soccer.

“In 5-10 years, I see myself in college playing soccer, or out of soccer playing an adult league whether it is professional, or even an adult Sunday league,” Kantarevic said. “As long as soccer is in my life, then I am fine with whatever.”