My High School Timeline

Throughout my four years at Oakville, I have been a part of many groups and clubs, trying to find my place in the school. Each year, I learned more and more about myself.

My freshman year I joined the drama family and dedicated a lot of my time to the school plays. This is where I first learned to express myself and my creativity.

My sophomore year, I decided to take Broadcast Journalism, a class, that I didn’t know at the time, would change my life. After a year in the program, I took over the role of Line Producer and have been spending countless hours in the broadcast lab since.

My senior year, I decided to branch out and take yearbook and newspaper as well. With all of my time in the journalism program, I have been able to watch myself grow and change into the person I am today, along with the rest of the school.

All four years of high school, I have been a part of the volleyball team. Through the program, I have learned the importance of teamwork and dedication. My teammates have always been there for me and I know I can count on them for anything.

I would just like to thank Mr. Kuchno, Mrs. Betz, Ms. Learn, Ms. Venneman, and many others for helping me find myself throughout high school. It has been an amazing four years that I will never forget.

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