Thank you and Goodbye

Thank you to my friends. I have changed a lot these past four years, I’ve gone through all kinds of variations and versions on the way to being who I am now, and I’m still not done changing, none of us are. I am so thankful for how you all accept and love me through everything, the good times and the bad. I have had fights with more than a few of you but we always come back together in the end. You have all brought so much joy into my life, from getting ready for a show in the greenroom, to taking end of the year pictures at the sculpture park, to crying at midnight in the field by Steak n’ Shake. I have been shaped by all of you and I am so happy that I have had you all by my side. Most of us are separating after this year, we’re going to different schools, majoring in different things, leaving each other. I don’t know if we’ll all still be friends in four more years, I have no idea who we will be then, but whether we stay friends or not, these past four years have been hard, stressful, and difficult but so amazing because I had all of you.

Thank you to my family, who has supported me through everything. Thank you to my Mom and Dad, who made it to every show that they possibly could, and for always telling me “good job,” even when it wasn’t. It means so much to have someone that I can rant to about everything, that tries their very hardest to lead me down the right path, who encourages me to be the best I can, and who always tell me that they are proud of me, especially when I’m not. Thank you to my brothers, all 3 of them, who I fight with and then laugh with 5 minutes later. I know that I always have 3 people at my back, who are always willing to fight for me, who love me unconditionally and absolutely. They have never been afraid to call me out on my flaws and issues, even when I don’t appreciate it. I’ll miss being with my little brother Timmy everyday, I’ll miss our fights and being our own little team. I’ll miss seeing Jake almost every weekend, having someone to give me a different perspective, who is always happy for me. I’ll miss Josh while he is in South Korea, even though I’m so excited for him.

Thank you to all of my teachers. From preschool to the last final of senior year, all of the things I have accomplished, my scholarships and so many other things are thanks to all of the effort you all have put in, for me and for so many other students. So thank you. A special thank you to Learn and V. You have created an environment in this school where everybody can feel welcome and appreciated, no matter who they are or what talents they have. Even when I am in the drama center 30 hours a week, I always look forward to being there, it feels like a second home to me. I know that the 80 hour show weeks and all of the stress and anxiety around the shows is a lot to handle, but all of that work has shaped me and so many others. I think that I speak for all of the seniors, and the juniors, and the rest of the underclassmen, when I say thank you so much. We appreciate everything you do for us and we are going to miss you when we leave. I know that we will look back on our past years with the OHS theatre company with great love.

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