You are You

We’re all human, that’s our only similarity with one another.

We are a species meant to be different between each body. That’s how it’s been since day one. Humans are, most likely, the most diverse species we know of within our universe. We’d be a population of clones if we were the same. We are born different than our parents, our ancestors, for a reason, to diversify the steadily growing population, but the changing mindsets of many put that diversification at risk.

In our modern age, more and more people are striving to be like celebrities and musicians. They get the same or similar tattoo styling as them, they start to follow after their dressing styles, some even go as far as following trends set by these celebrities and musicians. What’s the point of diversity within a species if we all try to be someone, or something, we’re not?

There’s no point in trying, it’s a flaw within many of us. We see these well known people doing these cool and interesting things, and go “well they’re doing it, so it must be good, right?” Most of what they do is for the camera, for the fame, not to incite others to follow suit. We live in a world where most of us follow without thinking, where our brain has a routine to immediately do what we’re accustomed to seeing from celebrities, from musicians, and even from movies and shows. Trying to be something you’re not will only hurt you, and possibly those around you. We are not clones, we are not mechanical machines. We are living people that are different from the start.

You are a person that is different to make a change. You are unique to set yourself apart from the crowd. No one will be the same as you, no one will try to be you. No one will ever best you, no one will hurt you for being different.

You are you.

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