My School Journey

Since 8th grade, I’ve attended three different schools: Lindbergh, Ladue, and Oakville High School. Having gone to these schools within a three-year span has brought upon mild negative effects.

After 1st semester of my 8th grade career at OMS, I had moved to Lindbergh and began to attend Sperreng Middle School for 2nd semester. Moving districts then brought a slew of new challenges for myself. Since the district was different, the curriculum had changed and classes I excelled in were my nightmare. I was behind in math, I was learning a new subject of science, and I was ahead in history. I eventually got used to Lindbergh, however I had to move again to Ladue.

Although adjusting to Lindbergh may had been a struggle, I thought to myself, maybe Ladue will give me a new opportunity to restart and adapt to a new environment. My Freshman year at Ladue was amazing, I made many friends and began to transcend in classes again thanks to my amazing teachers. Then sophomore year happened. 1st semester was going well, taking courses that interested me, and getting good grades. 2nd semester was one of the worst times of my High School career, I had to move again back to the Mehlville School District and attend OHS.

Some people may think that Ladue would have a harder curriculum than Oakville, but in my opinion Ladue was easier. It was extremely difficult for me to get back on track from moving for the 3rd time, especially since I had to adjust back to OHS. I did get to see my old friends again, however the school had to readjust my 2nd semester schedule entirely and some courses weren’t offered. Geometry was my biggest struggle as I wasn’t up to par on what we were learning. However I was ahead in World History because I had already covered most of the content.

Of course this had obstructed my work ethic and I had a moment of not caring about my school work. As of now, I’m currently caught up to the curriculum and now enjoy attending OHS. Also, I am looking forward to graduating my senior year here at OHS.

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