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Ashley Ward

Mr. Kuchno is going to be missed here at Oakville Senior High School. His dedication to both his students and the publications they produce is extraordinary. I am always impressed with what they accomplish in the Journalism program. So much of that success can be attributed to Mr. Kuchno and his ability to inspire his students.

Priscilla Frost  

I have known/worked with Jeff in some capacity for over 20 years now.  He was the first person I shared a classroom with on my VERY first day of teaching.  He is an amazing teacher and person and cares about his students as people first!!  He has a passion for journalism and giving students the tools they need to be successful.  I will miss traveling to conventions and seeing him there.  Don’t be a stranger!!

Amy Crean 

Happy Retirement, Jeff! You will be missed around Our House, but we hope you enjoy this next chapter in your life! We have been blessed to have you on our team and in our lives. 

Michelle Turner 

As a Broadcast teacher, how could I not know you and value you! You have helped me work double and triple time at Washington High School to try to live up to the standards you have set for so many of us in Missouri and all over the country! 

Bob Kern 

I think a lot of people at Oakville High School understand the time commitment Jeff makes to our community, and I believe that we should all be thankful for that. What I don’t think everyone understands is the determination he has to do everything that he does well. Whether in the classroom or on the field, Mr. Kuchno has been committed to providing his students and players the best of himself for many years. Thank you Coach Kuchno for your effort, your passion, your expertise and your friendship.

Tyler Picha 

Happy Retirement Jeff! In my short time teaching here, I have heard so many students express how much they enjoyed having you as a teacher and coach. Your effort and commitment are truly noticed and appreciated by everyone here at Oakville. We will all miss you here, but enjoy retirement, because you deserve it! 

Kristin Bork 

Congratulations on your well deserved retirement, Jeff. I have always appreciated your advice and encouragement at journalismSTL events. You are a blessing to the St. Louis journalism community and I’ll miss seeing you around.

Christina Manolis 

Congratulations on your retirement, Jeff! I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance you have provided over the years, even before I became a teacher. You have certainly helped me become a better journalism adviser, and I am sure that many other advisers in the state can say the same. We will definitely miss seeing you at yearbook camp and journalism conventions, but your retirement is well deserved, so enjoy it!

Jonathan Hall

Congratulations on your retirement! I want to let you know how much you’ve helped me over the years and been a mentor. When I was starting out, you were one of the first advisers who reached out and introduced yourself and gave me advice. When we were starting a broadcast program here at Liberty, you helped to give me a starting point to the foundation of the program. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years at the yearbook camps and other journalism conferences. I appreciate your passion and dedication to scholastic journalism. It’s also always nice talking St. Louis sports and Mizzou with you. I hope we keep in touch over the years!

Debra Klevens

Jeff, Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement. You have taught some of the best of the best and your legacy will surely continue long after you leave Mehlville. You have always been so open to sharing about your program and have helped me over the years as we worked through yearbook designs, themes and coverage at camp. I sincerely appreciate all you have done for my students and I. Wishing you a lifetime of new adventures.

Erin Moeckel

Jeff, I’m so happy for you as you enter this new chapter of your life. Your legacy will live on in the Mehlville School District. You have poured yourself into your work and the students have all benefited from you wisdom, kindness and teaching. You have always been a mentor to me, and I will always be grateful for that. I look forward to seeing you in your new “retired” state. Although, if I know you, you won’t sit still for too long. Congratulations, KUCH!

Jordyn Kiel

Jeff, Congratulations on your retirement! I will always be grateful that you were one of the first friendly faces at my first JSTL meeting years ago. I’ve always appreciated your willingness to support, offer advice and play a role in all that our local organizations do. Your students are so lucky you’ve been such a big part of their story over the years, and I know your legacy will live on there. Wishing you nothing but the best in your next chapter. Cheers to you! 

Cora Stout

Congratulations, Jeff!  It has been great working with you as yearbook advisors in the district, and I appreciate all the wisdom you have shared with me over the years.  I know your students and colleagues will miss you.  Have fun in retirement!!!

Natalie Schiff

Congrats, Jeff! You’ve earned years of rest & relaxation. Do what you want to do now. You are leaving a legacy behind with the years of amazing broadcasts, newspapers, and yearbooks. Cheers to you!

Carrie Rapp

Congratulations on your retirement, Jeff!  I have appreciated your friendship and mentorship over the years through JournalismSTL. You have been wonderfully supportive and kind to me as a new adviser, and I so appreciate all of the advice you’ve given.  Your impact on students and the St. Louis journalism community is long-lasting and one that you should be proud of.  Enjoy and don’t be a stranger!

Mitch Eden

Congratulations, Jeff! You were one of the first advisers I met in the area and you quickly became a mentor, peer and friend. You have made a positive impact on so many kids, cementing your legacy as a star in our field. I wish you nothing but health and happiness as you enter retirement. 

Brent Pearson 

Congratulations on retirement, Jeff! I appreciate our time together at JEA Nationals in DC and seeing you at JournalismSTL. Thanks for your service to the Mehlville School District!

Ida Hoffmann 

Congratulations on your retirement, Jeff! It has been a pleasure working with you these past 11 years. You have been a mentor and someone to model journalism programs after. Your advice has always been so very appreciated, your expertise invaluable. Especially as we built a new broadcast program, your putting up with my barrage of questions with patience was so very helpful! Much luck in all your future endeavors; you will be missed!

Jenn Fruhwirth 

Where to begin? Time is a real son of… isn’t it? I can’t believe we’ve worked together since 2003? 2004? Having known you that long I can say of all your gifts and talents that I admire, your patience is the one that makes you head and shoulders above the rest.  I envy that about you. What you have given to your charges in all of those years was always your best.  You are the most supportive “papa bear” to your students ever.  I don’t think they’ll ever realize how lucky they were to have you as a teacher.  I would say enjoy not working, but who are we kidding, you know you’ll probably be even busier in retirement.  Thank you, sincerely, for all that you taught me about listening, PATIENCE, teaching, kids, peers, and generally life itself.  You will be missed around here more than you know. Sincerely, Jenn

Chris Tice

Jeff, I can not fathom how many students you have inspired over the years.  Your dedication to your craft is unquestionable and a model for others to follow. I wish you happiness and health in retirement and know that Oakville is a better place because you worked here.

Katie Heurung

Congratulations, Jeff! I know that our department and countless students have been positively impacted by your dedication to the journalism and broadcasting programs here. I’ve worked in a few different schools, and the programs you’ve built are by far the most impressive I’ve seen. You’re leaving huge shoes to fill, but certainly deserve some rest and relaxation! Enjoy your retirement!

Travis Armknecht

Jeff, you are one of the kindest people I know. I’m certain the warmth and positivity you radiated influenced countless students over the years. It was always a pleasure seeing you at jSTL or Herff Jones events and national conventions. Congratulations on your retirement. I wish you all the best.

Christine Stricker

Jeff, you are a staple in the St. Louis journalism community, both scholastic and sports.  If ever I was wondering if I should attend an event, and I saw your name on the list, I knew that it was a worthwhile activity and that I would have a friend to talk to.  Congratulations on your retirement!

Dave Davis

Jeff!  Congratulations on a great career and on retirement, which you have earned.  You have left a huge impact on a lot of kids.  It is what teachers do–and I am sure you will be missed by everyone at Oakville.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you at the workshop here in Springfield.  Next time you are down this way, come see us.  Happy trails!

Kathie Poe

Thank you for your kindness, Jeff, and for your example of talent and great skill (including patience) in working with students.  
Danielle Walton

I am so happy for you! I have no doubt you have many plans for retirement. You finally get some much deserved R&R. It’s an understatement to say you will be missed at OHS. You always shared with me your passion for school spirit. You shared your spirit through the stories you nurtured and programs you created, leaving an unmatched legacy here at OHS. Thank you for your time and effort and impact on students and staff. I think it is safe to say you are one of a kind. Thanks, Jeff!

Matt Schott

Jeff was one of the first people I met when I began going to SSP (now Journalism STL) meetings and was one of the most welcoming people in the group and made me feel like I’d found my people in this crazy world of advising. I always appreciated how much Jeff cared about the job and his students and was definitely someone I looked up to as a mentor and role model. Best of luck and congratulations on your retirement, Jeff!

Dan Mueller

Jeff – your passion for student journalism and the success of each and every one of your students literally changed the entire course of my life.  I am where I am today much because of you.  You pulled me into journalism my sophomore year of HS when I was still trying to find “my thing.”  You taught me the basics and gave me space to grow journalism and leadership skills. Now I’ve been able to work with you in my profession for the last 15 years.  Watching your dedication to your students and your school leaves me awe.  Thank you for being an amazing friend and mentor. You have loved me and my family so well.  Thank you.  You’ve been an open ear to talk about the craziness of scholastic journalism and and a great friend at each and every JEA. You’ve taught me so much that I know that I daily get to pass on to my customers.  I look forward to celebrating with you more and our continued friendship.  Enjoy retirement! 

Nancy Smith
Jeff, I feel like I have known you forever as we have been on this amazing educational journey together for so many years. I have been so grateful to have you as a trusted colleague for so many years. It has been great to be able to share all of the highs and lows along the way and have someone else who understood! We even sort of raised our families at the same time and shared those stories often. I have always admired your passion and dedication to your students, your school and the profession. I have shared many meetings and meals, out-of-town trips and late night judging journeys with you and enjoyed every one of them. You will be sorely missed by all of us in the STL J Family! Best wishes to you!

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