Oakville’s Chrismas Wish List

The holiday season provides time to enjoy special moments with family and hold close classic Christmas traditions, but how can one hide the excitement for piles and piles of gifts?

This year, OHS is hoping to receive a variety of gifts listed on their Christmas lists. If you need help deciding what to get your sister, brother, cousin, nephew or niece, allow OHS students to lend you a hand.

By randomly asking students around OHS what they wanted for Christmas and rating them one through five, I was able to put together OHS’s 2010 Christmas list.

The most popular gift items are:
1. Money
2. Laptop
3. “How To Train Your Dragon” DVD
4. iPod Touch
5. “Toy Story 3” DVD

If you missed out on the Black Friday frenzy, there are still numerous sales events going on throughout December to buy those gifts high on wish list. Receiving gifts, making the traditional gingerbread house, covering your home with holiday decorations and more are always fun no matter how old you get.

Whether it is an expensive electronic item, jewelry for that special someone or a homemade picture from a little cousin, the important thing is to enjoy the time you have with the people who mean the most. Happy Holidays, OHS!