Spring play cast list

On Friday, Jan. 14, the cast list and student leadership roles for the spring play, Dancing at Lughnasa, were released.

Dancing at Lughnasa is the story of Michael Mundy as he recalls the final summer that his mother and her four sisters were together. The play takes place in impoverished Ireland in the 1930’s, so the actors will be required to learn Irish accents.

“I’m really excited about the character development and interaction and working with these actors,” drama director Ms. Amy Learn said. “There is really rich storytelling and every character has their own story.”

Monica Fogle (11) – Kate
Sarah Girardier (11) – Maggie
Katie Kohler (9) – Christina
Chloe Ward (12) – Rose
India Duff (12) – Agnes
Mike Weaver (12) – Michael
Alex Pepper (12) – Jack
Matt Fogle (9) – Gerry

Evyn Johnson (12) – Student Director
Chloe Ward (12) – Assistant Director
Anna Conrades (11) – Stage Manager
Richard Blaskow (12) – Technical Director

*Dancing at Lughnasa will be perfomed March 30 – April 2.*