OHS and MHS Strings play at Meramec

The Oakville High School Strings class will be performing with the Mehlville High School Strings class on April 19 at Meramec Community College.

OHS Strings teacher, Mrs. Amy Meschke, chose to combine both her classes at OHS and MHS, where she also teaches, in order to provide the students with a unique experience to play with a collegiate orchestra like that of Meramec.

“I was interested in providing the students with an educational opportunity to have a collegiate orchestra director clinic our orchestra,” Meschke said.

Furthermore, Meschke hopes that this will encourage students to continue their orchestra playing in college, as well as give them “a fuller appreciation of orchestral playing and music,“ as the OHS and MHS orchestra programs consist of only stringed instruments.

OHS Strings member and viola player Rachel Scott (10) reaffirms that the experience will give students innumerable amounts of guidance in addition to being an exciting experience.

“I’m most excited to get to see what a full orchestra is like and achieve that round, full professional sound,” Scott said.