Choir has senior farewell concert

On Monday, May 9, the Oakville High School Choir put on the Senior Farewell Concert. The concert was held at the Canaan Baptist Church on the corner of Baumgartner and Lemay Ferry Roads at 7 p.m.

The choirs that performed in this special event were the Concert Choir Treble, the men’s “2Legit2Quit” choir, Women’s Chamber Choir, Concert Choir Mixed Madrigal Singers, Chorale, and Show Choir.  The preparation for this choir took months of practice, but “we were more than ready for our concert” says Mrs. Paula Martin, head choir teacher of OHS.

The choir sang everything from Madrigals, to Avant Garde, to Do Wap, to Romantic, to Broadway, to contemporary music.  Laura Brunette (12), Laura Starks (12), Allison O’Brien (12), Emily Shaw (12), and Chelsea Self (12) performed solos.

“I was really nervous and I kept looking at Erika for reassurance,” O’Brien said.

The concert showcases the development of all the auditioned choirs.  It is the culmination of thousands of man hours of effort.  It is the performance element of the final exam for all auditioned choirs.

“The Senior Farewell was a lot more entertaining this year then past years. It’s cool when it’s your senior farewell and you know everyone is saying bye to you,” says CCM member Erika Dicandia (12).