50/50 recounts a plot drivin story while maintaining its comedy roots



50/50-Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star in 50/50, a comedy about a battle with cancer.

Joseph Gordan-Levitt (Inception and Five Hundred Days of Summer) pairs with Seth Rogen (Knocked-Up and Pineapple Express) in 50/50, a comedy about a guy with cancer. Yeah, a guy with cancer.

Usually, the words comedy and cancer do not mesh well together; however, this is not the case with 50/50. 50/50 is funny, plain and simple. Do not expect to go into the movie and see half-wit jokes polymerized and fluffed with heavy tear jerking moments. No. 50/50 does have its heart stopping, powerful moments since it is based off of the screenwriter’s personal battle with cancer, but whenever the movie has you anticipating a paradigm shift into a soap opera the plot reverts to its humorous roots.

50/50 is far from family friendly; it is raunchy and anything but subtle. However, the formula works and 50/50 will surely deliver a worthy laugh. Rather than going into spoilers, I flat out recommend going to see 50/50… now. Yes, literally, now.