“Lights” turns to a synthetic sound

Lights turns to a synthetic sound

Blinding Lights: Reporter Andrew Schaefer (12) poses as he holds up his autographed photo of Lights.

Lights is a 24 year old singer from Toronto, Canada. She first hit the music scene with the release of her song Perfect in 2008. Her song was part of the Instant Star television show soundtrack. Now she has three albums out. Her latest album is named Siberia which debuted on Oct., 4. 2011. In her return with Siberia she has strayed from her original sound from the album The Listening. The Listening is her first album which topped the charts and went gold in Canada.

Her original sound was considered space electronica. Her unique sound and pro founding voice stunned thousands. Her new album features more of a dubstep feel to it.  This is a change but not necessarily a bad one. Overall the new album is amazing. Lights’ new sound still has a happy flow to it and her voice has not changed one bit. As an album it  is great, but compared to her original album, it is just not as appealing.

Lights still features her voice very loud prominently but in general the sound is too synthetic. Some of the songs such as Toes and Cactus In the Valley sound more like The Listening. She even does a variation of Cactus In the Valley on acoustic guitar. For the most part though her sound is totally new. I do recommend this album, but i recommend her first two albums The Listening and Acoustic more. Lights will be in St. Louis on Oct, 29 at Cicero’s.You can find her music on iTunes or on www.iamlights.com.