The 2012 Emmys: Who should have been nominated

With every awards show, there are always disappointments. With the 2012 Emmys, many of the snubs (people who others believe should have been nominated, but didn’t) come from the comedy department. Others include Drama and Science Fiction shows.

In comedy, much was debated about the Best Comedy and Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy categories. With the Best Comedy category, many believe that Parks and Recreation should have been nominated over the fairly new comedy Veep starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld). Another snubbed comedy was the well-written witty comedy Community. There had been some controversy surrounding the show because the head writer, Dan Harmon, who had been with the show since it started, was let go. Another show, New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel was not nominated for Best Comedy, but a few of the actors got nominated. In the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category, many thought that Nick Offerman, who plays the stern Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, should have been nominated. In the Comedy Writing category, most of the nominations were shows that didn’t get a Best Comedy nomination.  The Comedy categories are usually the ones with the most snubs and debates at the Emmys.

In the Drama categories, there was much debate with the Best Supporting Actor nominations. John Slattery, who plays the sharp Roger Sterling on Mad Men, did not receive a nomination alongside co-star Jared Harris who plays the secretly troubled financier Lane Pryce. John Noble, who plays mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop on the sci-fi drama Fringe did not get a nomination. Fringe is entering its fifth and final season this month, and has yet to receive an Emmy. In the Lead Actress in a Drama category, Anna Torv who co-stars alongside Noble was not nominated either. She plays smart and determined FBI Agent Olivia Dunham. Many believe she should have been nominated because of her ability to play three different characters in one show.

There were many shows and actors that were duly nominated. For shows, the Drama favorite Mad Men was once again nominated along with Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire. Fan and critic favorites The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family were once again nominated. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and newcomer to television Zooey Deschanel were also very deserving actresses who were nominated. All the men from Modern Family take up most of the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category with all of their talent.

Overall, I believe that the Emmys will be a close race this year. May the best show win.