Taylor Swift brings the “Red” tour to St. Louis

Country-pop star Taylor Swift is back on tour for her album “Red” and brought the show to St. Louis the past two nights, accompanied by up and coming country singer Brett Eldredge and British sensation Ed Sheeran.

In the past, she has brought her “Fearless” and “Speak Now” tour to the St. Louis area, and just like the past few times she has never failed to disappoint.

Being well known for theatrical or dramatic performances, Swift opened up with “State of Grace”, clad in black shorts, a white blouse, a black top hat, and a sparkly red microphone. She followed up with “Holy Ground” and went on to welcome us to her tour, as well as introduce herself to everyone.

After her introduction speech, and some talk about the color red, the lights went out only to reveal Swift again with a sparkly red guitar and her performance of “Red.” Following the end of the song, Swift joined her lead guitarist on a dramatic solo before dropping under the stage for an outfit change.

She came back clad in a sparkly red dress with red gloves and performed a fifties style version of her smash hit “You Belong With Me,” accompanied by her backup singers atop a platform.

Disappearing under the stage once again, a video clip that resembled the fifties played, showcasing her as a star named Lucky. The set up on stage looked like old Hollywood and Swift appeared in a long red dress and sang “The Lucky One.”

Another speech was given by her about the meaning of her next song, which was “Stay Stay Stay.” The performance was very upbeat and happy, with Swift dancing around the stage. Another outfit change took place then Swift came out with a banjo to sing her smash hit “Mean.”

Another clip was played which displayed Swift’s life from when she was born until she turned 22, which was the introduction to her song “22.” Clad in red jeans, a striped shirt and a varsity jacket, Swift came out and dominated the stage, eventually getting on her bodyguard’s shoulders and going around the floor of the arena. She ended up on a small stage with her dancers towards the back of the arena, where she finished off the song.

The finale of the show was one of her biggest hits, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which was circus themed and it ended with her sliding down the same platform. She took a bow with her band and dancers before closing the night.

Overall, Swift’s vocals and performance were even better than the last two tours she has put on. Her shows get better and better as they go on and the creativity and theatrical nature to them never fails to disappoint anyone that goes to her shows.