The Tonight Show moves on from Leno to Fallon

After four years hosting Late Night, Jimmy Fallon is moving up in the late night television world. Following in the footsteps of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, Fallon is set to be the new host of The Tonight Show in Spring 2014.

After 22 years of headlining The Tonight Show, Leno is set to retire. Leno started when Johnny Carson retired in 1992 and hosted until 2009 when Conan O’Brien took over. When Conan was the new host, Leno tried to make the move to primetime but the switch failed in ratings. Conan hosted from 2009-2010 then moved on to TBS. Leno got his old hosting job back.

Fallon stayed neutral throughout the late night conflict.

Since Fallon came on the scene in March 2009, his show has been very successful. His experience on Saturday Night Live helped him produce many comedic skits. He produced a Grammy-winning album with his house band The Roots and wrote two books based on his famous Friday-night segment, Thank You Notes.

Seth Meyers is rumored to take over for Fallon on Late Night.