One Direction Lights Up St. Louis


Susan Van Lieshout

Abbey Francis (12) and Susan Van Lieshout attend the One Direction concert on Aug. 27.

One Direction, the popular boy band from England and Ireland, has released three albums, won countless awards, and performed in three world tours. For their 2014 tour, Where We Are, they played the Edward Jones Dome. Many students from OHS attended this concert, including myself.

My friend and I got to the Dome, bought t-shirts, and found our seats. Our tickets said the show would start at 7pm, but Jamie Scott, the opening singer, didn’t come on until 7:30pm. Scott wasn’t the only one running a bit late at the concert. One Direction themselves didn’t come on stage until a whole hour after Jamie performed. Although fun songs blasted through the stadium and the crowd did the wave, many people, including myself and Jillian Rowland (12), got tired of waiting. Rowland said that waiting for the boys to come on was her least favorite part of the concert.

Even with the wait, the show itself was amazing. One Direction opened with the single and title of their newest album, Midnight Memories. From there they played hits off all three of their albums, including Little Things.

“Looking around and seeing all the phone lights in the stadium during Little Things was my favorite part.” Maddy Saake (10) said.

The boys left the stage, but came back out to do a five song encore, ending with their biggest hit What Makes You Beautiful. The boys picked great songs to sing, but I wish they would have sang more songs from their new album than from their previous ones.

Even with the long wait for the show, it was a great experience and an overall fun time. The boys put on a great show, but could do better when it comes to picking a setlist. One Direction said they hoped to come back to St. Louis on their next tour and I can honestly say I hope they can come back and put on another fantastic show.