Cracking The Trivia: OHS’ New App Obsession

A new craze has been sweeping the halls of OHS; highly addictive and the root of many heated arguments and rivalries, this trend has sucked in both students and teachers. The craze? Trivia games.

Trivia Crack is a free, downloadable game for iPhones and Androids. In heated competitions against each other, players race to answer questions from one of six categories: geography, science, entertainment, science, history, art, or sports. Questions can range from “What is the world’s longest river?” and “What is Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting?” to “What is the name of Ross’s monkey in Friends?” or “In which film did title character Harry Potter meet Sirius Black?”. Similar to Quiz Up, an app that first became popular last year, Trivia Crack incorporates elements of education into its timed competitions.

In the hallways, it is not uncommon to hear students shouting to each other “Play me” or “Hey, do you know the answer to this one?”.

However, as the game’s popularity rises, teachers have found it increasingly difficult to keep their students from getting distracted by it during class time. Psychology teacher Ms. Sue Caton has even joked about throwing phones out the window if she catches her students playing during lessons.

“It’s addicting,” said Lexi Pauls (11), a student who plays the game. “It’s just a lot of fun.”