Turkey and Traditions

Thanksgiving break and its festivities are coming up soon, so let’s see how Oakville staff and students celebrate the holiday. 


“Every year I try to make a more extravagant pie. Last year it was a s’mores pie, so there were marshmallows on top and I toasted it.” 

-Spanish teacher Melissa Danly

“Our family tradition is to play golf, either the day before thanksgiving or the day of.”

-Coach Emily Baker

“On Thanksgiving, my wife and I watch as many ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving episodes as we can before we go to our families for dinner.”

-Assistant principal Michael Wegener

“My kids go to Kirkwood, so we are now going to the Kirkwood-Webster Turkey Bowl game because my daughter is in the marching band.”

-Industrial technology teacher Christopher Sparks

“We drive around like crazy people because we have to go to my mother who lives in Cuba, Missouri, so it’s a little before Rolla. Then we have to do my mother-in-law’s and we have to do my father-in-law’s.”

-FACS teacher Jamie Daughaday

What about students? Well, I took a survey from around 250 students to find out what Oakville students favorite foods and aspects of Thanksgiving are, as well as what they are grateful for.


I think a lot of people forget about this time of year being one to reflect and be thankful for all that we have. So, I also asked in a survey what students were grateful for, and many said family and friends. Some were grateful for the roof over their heads, good health, their pets and just life in general. Others, however, stated more unique things that they are grateful for.