Drama ‘seussifies” and “zombifies” Shakespeare

During Nov. 17-19, the OHS Drama department will showcase a double feature: “I Hate Shakespeare” and “The Seussification Of Romeo and Juliet”.

“I Hate Shakespeare” gives a rundown of all of Shakespeare’s many classics with a modern twist including zombies, talking cows and more.

“The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet” is a whimsical and Dr.Seuss-like retelling of Shakespeare’s tragic story of two star-crossed lovers.

Drama Troupe and International Thespian Society member Chloe Ward (12) thinks the plays will “give Drama club members a chance to really showcase their talent in terms of comedy, set design and costume.” Ward hopes that the audience will enjoy the creativity of the the two plays.

“I thought [the plays] looked fun, creative and flexible,” Drama Department director, Amy Learn, said. “I consider the entire Department when I choose a play.” Learn believes that the plays were a good selection for the troupe because of the amount of variety the plays supply.