Taking it hands on

Michelle Ocello, Editor in Chief

May 10, 2011

If there is any teacher at Oakville that applies the old phase, “practice makes perfect,” it is science teacher Tom MacFarland. MacFarland has been teaching within the district for the past four years. Having taught geology, fossils and biology, MacFarland also teaches Botany and Meteorology. Although...

When pride was alive

Michelle Ocello, Editor in Chief

May 9, 2011

Friday night football games make up the majority of my freshman year memories. The black and gold crowd, the golden girls, and the smell of hot dogs remain fresh in my memory. Armed with an OHS tigers shirt and painted in stripes, someone could always find me at the home football games. In fact you could...

When did Flushing become so hard?

Michelle Ocello, Editor in Cheif

February 22, 2011

Any girl that has taken a step into the OHS girl’s restrooms knows exactly what I am talking about when I say it’s a brave endeavor. Walking into the girls restrooms is equivalent to taking a step into a unisex bathroom in a cheap, rundown “water closet”. Needless to say...It is disgusting. What is even more app...

Lost in Neverland: Immaturity at it’s finest

Michelle Ocello, Editor in Chief

December 10, 2010

When I walk through the OHS halls I find it hard to believe I’m walking through a high school. It feels more like I’ve wandered past a sea of childish remarks, dirty looks, and rumors and into Peter Pan’s “Neverland”. It feels as though everyone’s mind has been frozen since the second grade...

Homecoming Slideshow

October 12, 2010

Here is a slide show full of pictures from the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally. Photos were taken by Kaitlyn Steiger and Michelle Ocello. To pause the slideshow, click on the picture number button in the lower left corner of the image....

Teen club struggles to open for business

Michelle Ocello, Editor in Chief

October 5, 2010

Inspired by parental concerns and the boredom associated with South county, Scott and Teressa Droney, Alberto Fortuny, Mark Johnson, and Jack Hunter are in the process of creating a “place where kids can be a part of a club, have fun, and stay sober.” “Having grown-up in Oakville, my husband...

Drama ‘seussifies” and “zombifies” Shakespeare

Michelle Ocello, Editor in Chief

September 5, 2010

During Nov. 17-19, the OHS Drama department will showcase a double feature: “I Hate Shakespeare” and “The Seussification Of Romeo and Juliet”. “I Hate Shakespeare” gives a rundown of all of Shakespeare’s many classics with a modern twist including zombies, talking cows and more. “The...

Michelle Ocello – Editor in Chief

Michelle Ocello - Editor in Chief

May 28, 2010

Class of 2011 Bio: I go by Chelle.  I am the Editor in Chief of Oakville Higschool’s “The Prowl” newsmagazine.  I am also an active member on the Speech and Debate team.  I enjoy grape bubble gum, and innuendoes.  I also really like comic books....I am seriously the world’s biggest comic book ...

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