When did Flushing become so hard?

Any girl that has taken a step into the OHS girl’s restrooms knows exactly what I am talking about when I say it’s a brave endeavor. Walking into the girls restrooms is equivalent to taking a step into a unisex bathroom in a cheap, rundown “water closet”. Needless to say…It is disgusting.

What is even more appalling considering that the restrooms at Rogers Elementary School are completely spotless. The toilets are always flushed. There are no mysterious substances taking residence on the stalls. No used female hygiene products randomly hidden within the Toilet paper dispenser. It is heaven compared to the restrooms at OHS that are supposed to cater to girls fourteen to eighteen years old.

We are in high school ladies. There is no reason for our bathrooms to look as disgusting as they do. There is no reason for anyone to wipe anything on the stalls when we have toilet paper. There is no reason why an elementary school bathroom should look better than a high school bathroom.

Be courteous. Flush the toilet. We are not in Florida where the motto: “If it’s yellow lay it mellow” applies. We are able and should be capable of flushing. Do not wipe questionable substances on the stalls, and for goodness sake throw away your hygiene products instead of leaving them on the floor. Be a lady.