Seniors come together for baccalaureate

OHS’s annual baccalaureate took place on May 15, kicking off graduation season for its seniors.

Many OHS community members and families of all faiths and denominations gathered at Faith Lutheran Church this past Sunday to celebrate the upcoming graduation ceremony. Having been held there for several years, the baccalaureate was quite the success.

The ceremony started off with Alec Boeschen (12) and Shannon McFarland (12) singing “White Flag” by Chris Tomlin, aided by fellow future graduates Luke Carroll, Sarah Sax, and Devin Jost to commemorate this year’s theme: Surrender.

“We chose the theme surrender because it felt right,” said Kristine Pickens (12). “It felt like we just are putting ourselves, or “surrendering” ourselves to God or in God’s hands, letting him guide us into the next phase of our life. It was truly the right way to go.”

Banners from not only this year, but also the eight years prior were brought in by students. Testimonies moved the crowd, spoken by NyShaun Harvey, Austin Neal, and Breanna Colombo. Principal Mrs. Jan Kellermann and Senior Principal Ross Bullington also made an appearance, wishing the graduates luck as they head off into their next journey. Leadership and drama teacher Ms. Amy Learn was chosen to speak at this year’s ceremony, likening the students’ journey to that of Dorothy in Oz and wishing them brains, heart, and courage in the years to come.

Overall, it was a night for the seniors to remember.