Surprise baby shower for choir director


Greeted with shouts of “Surprise!”, Mr. Michael Wegener, choir director, entered the band room to find a baby shower prepared by students, parents, and choir director Mrs. Chelsea Ayres.

During the last block of the day before spring break, the shower was set up. Students left class periodically to help Ayres set up decorations, which included multiple signs and even a balloon drop.

“I was surprised,” Wegener said. “The generosity of the students is overwhelming.”

A gift registry was set up for Wegener and his wife Lydia Wegener, so the shower included presents from many of the choir students and a cake made by a choir parent.

“The planning of the shower was last minute but exciting,” Ayres said.

Last year, choir had thrown Wegener a surprise wedding shower, so to many choir students, it was fun to be able to happily surprise him again.

“It was a lot of fun,” Kristin Steinbrueck (11) said. “Wegener does so much for us, so it was nice to be able to surprise him.”