Singer’s group wins MJEA State Sports Video Story of the Year award


Lily Singer

Lily Singer’s (12) broadcast group won first place in the Sports Video of the Year.

While spending most of her time at home during this worldwide pandemic, Lily Singer (12) recently received some extraordinary news. On April 27, Singer learned that she and her group won first place in the Sports Video of the Year contest sponsored by the Missouri Journalism Education Association.

 “I was super surprised and very excited when I found out that I had won an award for my story on Gunner Williams,” Singer said. “It was a humbling experience and it definitely felt great to hear some good news, considering (what’s going on) in our world right now.”

Singer, who has been in the OHS broadcast program for three years, produced and edited the story on Gunner Williams, a student manager and water boy on the OHS football team who was allowed to run a special play at halftime of the Oct. 18 game against Northwest. Singer was assisted on the story by Makayla Adams, Jordan Beseda, Ciara Gallagher, and Emily Schellhase.

This was not the only recognition for OHS broadcast students. Jenna Frisella and Katie Leeker earned finalist (second place) honors in the Feature Video Story of the Year competition. They were honored for their story on soccer captain Adam Leeker and his grandfather, a former professional soccer player.

See the JEA announcement here: