OHS Choir Program Has First Full In-Person Concert and Competition Since 2019


photo courtesy of Mrs. Ayres

The choir program went home with several trophies after a successful day at Eureka High School on May 8 for competition.

After being unable to perform in-person for over a year, the OHS choir program was finally able to make their practice worthwhile and demonstrate their talent. 

The choir has not performed a true concert since before the pandemic in 2019, but with social distancing and masks, they were finally able to have two performances. Within the past two weeks, the choir performed a concert and competed in person.

On Saturday, May 1 at St. Francis de Sales Oratory, the entire choir program had the opportunity to perform a concert in front of a limited audience. The Madrigal Singers, Concert Choir Mixed, 2-Legit, Chorale, Treble Chamber Choir, and Concert Choir Treble programs, consisting of 80 students total, sang 18 songs. 

This concert was especially valuable to the seniors in the program, who were unsure whether or not they would be able to perform again before graduation.

“It was really exciting to have an audience again,” said choir senior Ben Lanier. “Having a concert really makes all of the hard work worth it.”

Many seniors in the program had solos within the performances, including Matthew Rumping, Ben Lanier, Gabriel Boll, Henri Groves, Ethan Kauffman, Sam Keithline, and Brianna Barrett, along with some sophomores and juniors. Barrett, along with having a solo, also conducted a song for Treble Chamber Choir, and Miko King (12) conducted a song for Concert Choir Treble.

Along with this year’s seniors, three alumni students from last year’s choir program were also able to join in and perform one last time. Oakville 2020 graduates Maddie Brutton, Gracie Burrus, and Thomas Schartner came back to sing with the rest of the program, conducted by last year’s choir director and current assistant principal Mr. Wegener.

“I was so grateful to have the opportunity to sing one last time,” said Brutton. “It gave me a sense of closure that I missed out on last year.”

According to choir director Chelsea Ayres, the concert was a huge success.

“The concert was amazing,” she said. “The students did a superb job and it was a breathtaking space to sing in.”

A video of the choir’s performance can be found here.

Just one week after the concert, the choir program competed at Eureka High School on Saturday, May 8.

“We usually go on a trip for competition, which I wish we could have done,” said Boll, “but I’m just grateful that we were able to compete in-person.”

At the competition, the choir performed the same songs that they did for the previous concert and achieved outstanding results in each division.

The Madrigal Singers ranked 1st place in Renaissance Choir, Concert Choir Mixed ranked 2nd place in Mixed Choir, and 2-Legit ranked 1st place in Men’s Choir. For the Women’s Choir division, Chorale ranked 1st place, Treble Chamber Choir ranked 2nd, and Concert Choir Treble ranked 3rd.

“Ms. Carter and I are very proud of the students for their resilience this year and are happy that they could perform,” said Ayres. “They represented OHS very well and are rock stars in both talent and character.”