Art is Everywhere

Graduating senior takes her love of art into adulthood


Photo Courtesy of Katie Rohr

A painting of lemons showcases Katie Rohr’s (12) artistic abilities. “I really liked what I made and wanted to do more of that,” Rohr said. She paints a lot in her free time.

OHS senior Katie Rohr has discovered the beauties and creative freedom that art has to offer. Since getting into art, she has created beautiful paintings and drawings. Though there are some ups and downs, she has decided to stick with it as a way to express herself and help others.

“Over quarantine I had done a 2D art class and I thought it was really fun…” Rohr said. “I started painting more in my free time…I really liked what I made and wanted to do more of that, so I bought a bunch of supplies.”

Rohr has taken a lot of the art classes that are offered at OHS and enjoyed them. Though she really likes painting, she said that she has enjoyed the two ceramics classes that she has taken as well. 

Through art, Rohr has learned a lot about herself that she might not have known if she hadn’t gotten into art.

“I learned that when I set my mind to something, then I can just sit and do it for hours and hours,” Rohr said, “but if I’m working on a painting and I don’t like it, then I’ll start over or leave it aside for months and won’t touch it.”

Rohr will soon be attending college at SIUE, where she hopes to incorporate art into her studies.

“I’m gonna probably study graphic art, graphic design or fine art, studio art,” Rohr said. “I would like to try and become an art therapist or something in the art field.” 

For those trying to make a living off of selling art, it can be one of the most difficult careers. However, since Rohr wants to become an art therapist, she thinks that she will probably be able to make a living off of art. 

Rohr said, “It will be interesting to see how it goes.”