Brooke’s Traveling Times

OHS junior enjoys traveling


Photo Courtesy of Brooke Weiss

Junior Brooke Weiss poses in front of the Grand Canyon last summer. “We went down to one of the points, and we saw a really beautiful sunset and got some pretty pictures,” Weiss said. Weiss said she enjoyed walking the canyons and seeing all the beautiful views.

Few people can say that they have done a two-week road trip across the country to visit many historic monuments and parks with aspirations of going even farther out of the country to Paris. Brooke Weiss, however, is an OHS junior that enjoys traveling both with family and friends. 

Weiss first began traveling when she was one year old on a family trip to Colorado with her mom and dad. In Colorado, Weiss experienced different activities.

“I remember they (my parents) said that I had a cracker and I fed a giraffe with it,” Weiss said. 

Weiss has enjoyed all of the trips that she has gone on so far, and always tries to travel every year, or every other year. Her favorite trip that she embarked on was a two-week road trip last summer across the country that ended at the Grand Canyon. 

“We went to see the Grand Canyon, Zion Park, Bryce Canyon, Mesa Verde and others,” Weiss said.

One of Weiss’ favorite memories actually took place at the Grand Canyon.

“We went down to one of the points, and we saw a really beautiful sunset and got some pretty pictures,” Weiss said.

This summer, Weiss and her family are planning on traveling to Hilton Head in South Carolina.

“We’re going to go down to the beach and stuff down there,” Weiss said. 

Weiss always travels by car for her trips, and some of them can be long, but she has managed to come up with ways to pass the time.

“In the car I like to sleep of course, I like to talk to my siblings, listen to music, watch a movie, watch TikToks and other stuff,” Weiss said. 

Weiss loves traveling and someday hopes to travel the world, especially to Europe to see all the beautiful places that it has to offer. 

Weiss said, “I would love to go to Italy or France someday.”