OHS World Traveler

Senior Jasmine Quach finds passion in traveling


Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Quach

Jasmine Quach (12) poses for a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in 2021.

With many students coming back from Spring Break, OHS is seeing lots of tan lines and highlights in people’s hair. For many, there is nothing like that post vacation glow when one comes back from break. 

Some students, however, like to travel internationally for more than just during break, like Jasmine Quach(12), who has been to nine countries. 

“This year I have only traveled for Spring Break and that was in the country, so we went to Florida and after the Florida trip, I went to Chicago since I have family there,” Quach said. “But within the past six months, I was in Paris in November.” 

Quach usually goes on these trips for fun with her family because it is easy since she has family in all different parts of the world. At times, she has traveled and missed some school, but she always seems to stay on top of everything.

“It’s kind of is hard to keep up with school, but I feel like I prep myself well for it because we plan it so far ahead,” Quach said. “Like I remember two years ago I had to take my finals early or just like take a test early, which was really stressful, but I mean it is worth putting in the work because then I’ll just be somewhere else.”

Countries she has been to include France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Mexico and Canada. 

“I started traveling out of the country in 2014 and have traveled outside of the country almost every year since then. On that trip, my parents and I went to France and the UK,” Quach said. 

Quach said she loves traveling and is in tune with different cultures because she tries foods from all around the world. With everywhere Quach has been, one place stood out to her the most.

“My favorite country I have visited would be France. I have been there four times and I never get sick of it. I love to eat different foods, and also love to shop,” Quach said. “Just walking on the street and being surrounded by the beautiful buildings make me content.”