To Be Or Not To Be

Weibel enjoys cosplaying


Photo Courtesy of Alex Weibel

Alex Weibel (11) poses for a photo cosplaying as Shoto Todoroki from “My Hero Academia.” “It’s kind of nice…” Weibel said. Weibel has been cosplaying since their freshman year.

Imagine being anyone, everyone, possible. If taking on the person of a new character or using a pre-existing one sounds interesting, cosplaying is for you. Junior Alex Weibel is a cosplayer who enjoys cosplay and being themself.

Cosplaying is taking a character, or making an original character, and acting like them. Weibel said they have fun with it because it’s “something I enjoy and [I] can be creative.”

In addition to their creativeness, Weibel finds other benefits to cosplaying. 

“It’s kind of nice…” Weibel said. “You get to meet others…[It’s] about having fun and being yourself.”

Weibel began cosplaying a few years ago, and part of the reason Weibel enjoys cosplaying is that it gets their mind off of things. Since they began, they have cosplayed as several different characters, including Shoto Todoroki from “My Hero Academia,” but their favorite is Katsuki Bakugo from “My Hero Academia.”

“[As of this interview, I last played as] Lydia Deetz (from) ‘Beetlejuice,’” Weibel said. “There’s a whole list [of people I want to play]…Maximum Ride and JO (Heathers).” 

Wiebel said that people can cosplay by themselves or with other people.

“… I cosplay with my friends…[and] some of my siblings,” Weibel said. “Depends on the person, but it’s not for everyone.”

Weibel has some advice for those thinking about getting into cosplay.

“Don’t let other people tell you what you can and can’t do in cosplay.”