Stepping Off On The Right Foot

Only female drumline member describes experience


Ava Ross

Members of the 2022 drumline pose for a photo before their first performance of the season. “It is a lot easier to see them as my friends now,” Boehlje said. She was the only female on drumline.

Drumline is often perceived as a male-dominated sport, so when Alyssa Boehlje (9) joined drumline her first year in high school, she was the only female.

“I never played bass,” Boehlje said, “and I was wanting to do something that I have never done before.”

Even though the start of band camp was stressful for Boehlje, she stuck with it and really embraced being a part of the drumline. 

“I actually missed the first couple of days because I was out of town,”  Boehlje said. “It was even more stressful to come back and everyone was ahead.” 

While being the only girl on drumline, Boehlje found the boys became her friends quickly. They included her in their inside jokes and even invited her to lunch.

“I kinda just inserted myself into their conversations,” Boehlje said. 

Seniors Braden Ross (12) and Luke Roth (12) were the two other drumline members who helped her most throughout the season.

“I always knew I could go to the seniors if I had any questions,” Boehlje said. 

Seniors can be known to be role models to underclassmen, and Boehlje found her biggest role model on drumline to be Ross. 

“At the beginning of the year, I looked up to him so much,” Boehlje said. 

Boehlje was very hard on herself at the beginning of band because she thought they were better than her. 

“He sticks up for me when I can’t,” Boehlje said. 

Ross always made sure Boehlje felt included in drumline, even when things became stressful, and he has enjoyed helping her throughout their season.

“It’s nice to have someone to look up to you,” Ross said, “knowing that in the future my teaching will be going on.” 

Drumline is a sport where members have to be connected with the other people in your section because they have to communicate with each other, either for timing or marching in general.

“We have to look at each other and know where everybody else is going,” Boehlje said. 

Being a part of the bass line helped Boehlje connect with the boys quicker, which improved their performance and friendships. 

“I am very grateful,” Boehlje said, “that drumline has given me the opportunity to make friends with some guys that I can learn from.”