Spring Break Around the World

Brooke and Taylor Rahdens traveled to St. Kitts Island during their spring break cruise.

Brooke Rahden

Brooke and Taylor Rahden’s traveled to St. Kitts Island during their spring break cruise.

Spring break 2023 has brought a lot of anticipation and excitement to students. Spanning from March 20-24, the week included friends, family and travel for many of Oakville’s students. Many students are breaking out of their bubbles and visiting different cities, states and countries around the world. 

Jayden Williamson (12) traveled to Maui, Hawaii. On their week trip, Williamson visited the beach, went surfing and got Hawaiian shaved ice. Hawaii is rich with unique culture, views and food that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, making it a popular travel destination. 

“I tried a lot of new things while I was there. I went surfing, had some shrimp wontons and saw a lot of views that are nothing like we have here,” Williamson said. “It was a very unique experience, and I’m super grateful for it.” 

Many students took trips with their families, including Brooke (12) and Taylor Rahden (12). The twins took a cruise with their parents, beginning and ending in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They traveled across the Caribbean Sea, where they stopped in Aruba and Curacao. Then, they boarded the boat again to head to St. Lucia, then St. Kitts Island. They planned excursions on each of the islands and visited the beaches. 

“We have an ATV tour planned in Aruba, we get to drive around the Island. That’s what I’m most excited for,” Brooke said. 

Another large group of OHS seniors traveled to Cancun, Mexico to visit the Dreams Jade Resort and Spa. Dreams Jade is an all-inclusive resort, meaning all the food and drinks are included in the price of the resort. Although there are recommended travel restrictions to certain places within Mexico, Cancun is an extremely popular tourist destination for US citizens and is still seen as a safe destination for tourists to travel to, so long as proper precautions are taken. 

“A big group of us went, but we didn’t really have any special plans other than to have fun…” Megan Corson (12) said. 

Two sisters also had plans to leave Missouri. Paige (11) and Jocelyn (12) Bretz traveled to Miramar Beach, Florida where they spent five days at the beach and shopping in the area. But other students made travel plans closer to home. like Miyanna Asta (12) and Jacob Hinjosa (12), who stayed in Missouri, traveling to The Lake of the Ozarks. 

“We ate at some new places, sat in the hot tub, and swam,” Asta said.  

Spring break 2023 was filled with excitement and fun for the students of OHS, and the break allowed students to be well-rested as they enter the fourth quarter. 

“Traveling was a great experience,” Brooke said. “It was super nice to get some rest and escape reality for the week, and now I’m ready to be back and complete my last few weeks of high school.”