OHS and MHS battle it out for St. Patricks

Rivalries between Oakville and Mehlville have always been present, ranging from sports to academics. However, there is a new rivalry on the scene: who can collect the most underwear?

The new leadership classes at both schools have teamed up to create the first ever Oakville vs. Mehlville Underwear War. Both schools are trying to collect the most new, packaged pairs of socks and underwear for St. Patrick’s Center. The idea was brought to the table by OHS student Audra Plassmeyer (12), whose sister had taken part in a similar event between Cor Jesu and St. Joe’s.

Leadership students are excited about the outlook of the collection so far.

“We really wanted to get the class started with a fundraiser,” Remy Edwards (12) said.

Students can drop off socks or underwear in the boxes in their ANPs. Monetary donations are also accepted.

The winning ANP within OHS will win a Krispy Kreme breakfast along with a special “certificate.” The winning school will win a grand trophy as well as bragging rights.

The collection is underway and will last until kickoff at the varsity Mehlville/Oakville football game on Sep. 17. Leadership teacher Mrs. Angelia Moore hopes that the “friendly competition within our school and between the high schools [will] also benefit to [a greater] commmunity.”

And as Plassmeyer said, “Who wants to lose to Mehlville?”