NHS fundraises to help Pakistanie flood victims

The OHS National Honor Society’s goal this semester is to raise around $5,000 dollars to help the flood victims in Pakistan. They have dedicated their time and effort to what they believe is an under-covered tragedy that altered the lives of millions in late July.

Twenty million lives in Pakistan have been changed forever this summer, and for a country already sitting on 55 million dollars of debt, and now more than 15 thousand hospitals and schools destroyed, there is no economical hope in sight. That is why starting in mid October, NHS is going to help restore Pakistan’s hope, and donate all proceeds from this semester’s fundraisers to the relief foundation.

“They are in dire need of help, because they are not receiving the aid they need,” said Mike Weaver, an officer in NHS.

Starting in the upcoming weeks, Jar Wars, sponsored by NHS, will begin. Each ANP will receive a milk jug, and students put their spare change into their home ANP’s jug. They are encouraged to put pennies into theirs, for positive points, and silver into other ANP’s jars for negative points. All of the money goes to Pakistan, and the winning ANP after the 3-4 weeks receives a special prize.

NHS will also be sponsoring other activities this semester in order to reach their $5,000 goal. They will be working at concession stands, for 40 percent of the earnings will go to the Pakistan relief.

“We just try our best to find opportunities to help,” says NHS leader Laura Schubert.

Other efforts such as McDonald’s night, and similar ideas will be put into effect this semester as well. As another officer, Drew Hensel, commented, “We feel like it will have an immediate impact and help out a lot.”