National Edge Day

To many people, the term straight edge refers to the edge of a ruler or other object that you can trace to make straight lines. To the punk and hardcore punk community, this word has an entire different meaning.

In its simplest meaning, straight edge is a philosophy of staying clean and sober: refraining from using alcohol, tobacco, and any other recreational drugs. This term was originally coined by the hardcore punk band Minor Threat in 1981.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of straight edge bands have formed, taking these words to heart. To the straight edge community, this music and philosophy is what they live their lives by. The fans and band members of straight edge alike live and die for hardcore.

On Oct. 17, 1999, the first annual National Edge Day was celebrated at the final concert of the straight edge band Ten Yard Fight in Boston, Massachusetts. Other bands performing included Bane, In My Eyes, Reach The Sky and Floorpunch.

The show marked the end of an age of hardcore, but started a new and unique thing for straight edge followers to hold on to by creating an observable holiday in the community. Every year since then there has been a show in the Boston area to celebrate the holiday for the straight edge hardcore fans.

Two weeks ago at Tufts University in Massachusetts, the eleventh annual National Edge Day was celebrated with a show including straight edge bands Step Forward, Waste Management, Vaccine, No Tolerance, and Alert.

Amazingly, 30 years after Minor Threat first coined the phrase, straight edge still exists and is in full effect.

Happy Edge Day everyone!