Student council supports local blood centers

On Tuesday, March 1, the OHS student council will be hosting the Blood Drive in accordance with the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

StuCo sponsor Mrs. Laura Zwilling hopes to see a big turnout of students and staff this year in hopes of both further aiding the blood bank, which due to the weather this season is running dangerously low on supply, as well as raising money to send more StuCo members to Leadership Camp over the summer.

Zwilling mentioned that to meet their goal this year they need 138 donors in order to receive $250 for their donations; any beyond this initial 138 StuCo will receive an additional dollar.

Students ages 16 and up are eligible to donate and should go to room 218 to make an appointment. Students still 16 years of age will also be required to have parent permission prior to donation. Teachers are not required to make an appointment and are encouraged to stop by Gym B when ever possible to donate.

Donors are reminded to eat food such as lunch meat, red meat, colorful vegetables, and most importantly to stay hydrated, before giving blood and to bring a photo ID with them as well. Food, drinks and complementary t-shirts will be provided as well for all those participating.

*In order to reduce dizziness during and after donating, drink plenty of water throughout the week and especially the day of the blood drive.*