Students develop plan to benefit school

Everyone knows that OHS is struggling financially. The school district has had to cut $48 million in spending going into the next year.

Inspired by the school’s recent money troubles, Sarah Cooke (11) and Mallory Popp (12) have devised a plan to create a school store to generate profits.

“We saw the school raising money to benefit groups, so why not benefit [the school]?” said Cooke.

The school store would sell items such as basic school supplies and possibly food, drinks and gum. The store would comprise of traveling carts that would likely go from room to room during ANP. Profits from the store would be given directly to a specific group in the school each month. In doing this, each group would be able to decide exactly how they could use the money to enhance their program.

“We were hearing ways the school can’t afford things,” said Popp. “We really wanted a way of giving back.”

Cooke and Popp have talked to teacher Mrs. Angelia Moore about having the leadership class become involved. However, nothing has been decided yet and the possibility of the store happening is still up in the air. Despite this, they have high hopes that they will be able to start the school before Popp graduates and continue running it through next year.