Next year’s executive officers announced

The year is coming to an end fast followed by a new year with new executive officers for the 2011-2012 school year. You took part in this election by voting in your ANP for who you wanted to be President and Vice president of your class. Weeks have passed since the voting and the results are in.

Dan Carter (9) was voted next year’s sophomore class president along with Abby Bergman, Chelsea Breihan and Chad Johnson as the Vice Presidents.

Next year’s junior class on the other hand, wasn’t too hard to predict with only two people running. Dan Altman (10) won President with Sam Nelms as the only Vice President.

Abby Voss (11) “the boss” of senior class won election for president and Jessica Sack, Victoria Trout and Joey Guy are all senior Vice Presidents.

“I’m looking forward to fundraising the whole year to have an awesome prom!” Voss said.