Exitement builds for Spanish four field trip

The annual Spanish 4 zoo trip is scheduled to take place on Friday, Oct. 28. The field trip is expected to last the whole day with a tour around the zoo, and a trip to Ted Drewes to conclude the day.

Spanish 4 students recently finished their story “Anaconda,” with the main focus of the story being on serpents and snakes.

“The students love this story every year, it’s their first chance to get involved and get really excited about the short stories they will be reading throughout the year,” Spanish teacher Sra. Robinson said. “I grab the box of stuffed snakes and the kids play out the parts.”

The focus of the field trip is to further the experience through studying the different types of snakes found in the zoo. Students will take a tour through the reptile house, taking note of the different type of snakes while writing a short paragraph in Spanish about each.

At the end of the trip, students are taken to Ted Drewes where they have the option of getting ice cream or other sweet treats as a final conclusion to the day.

“We want to keep the trip fun and educational,” Sra. Robinson said. “Me and Sra. Weber agree that it’s a great way to wrap up the lesson, it’s a good way for the students to take a little break while applying what they’ve learned.”