S.A.D.D puts a cap on drugs

This Thursday, S.A.D.D (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is holding a hat day for OHS students and faculty. The hat day slogan, Putting a Cap on Drugs makes the fundraising a part of Drug Awareness Week this year and OHS students are lending a hand.

“It is important to get involved because it’s reinforcing that drugs are bad and we shouldn’t do that to our bodies,” Amanda Schlaker (11) said.

For only one dollar you get a sticker to wear on your hat this Thursday. Stickers will be sold at all lunches, located in front of the office. All proceeds go towards helping provide the spring speaker for juniors and seniors this year.

Last year S.A.D.D was uninvolved, but this year S.A.D.D members are bringing it back, more determined than ever. Hoping to turn it around and make this year the best yet is instructor Kara Beck.

“S.A.D.D is meant to help people cope with problems that will effect them now and later,” Beck said. “We are trying to prevent people from making all forms of destructive decisions such as texting while driving, unhealthy relationships and other destructive decisions.”