NHS builds reasons to fundraise

National Honor Society is giving students a new incentive to participate in fundraising this year. In the weeks of jar wars, students will donate money to jars in their (Academic Networking Period) ANP. The ANP that raises the most money will receive a reward at the end of the fundraiser. The money students donate to their ANP jars will be used to build a deck in the outdoor quad area.

The minimum goal is $1500 to build the deck, but sponsor Ms. Amanda Zink hopes to raise more in order to add more amenities such as umbrellas.

“We’re hoping students will see more reason to participate because it’s actually for them,” Zink said.

If NHS fundraising efforts go according to plan, the deck will be available for use in the fall. However, if enough money is raised, possibly later this year.

“I think it will add a lot to OHS and give the students a place to hang out and do homework,” NHS member Hanna Yates said (12).

Jar wars ends on Friday Jan. 27.