Second Town Hall meeting is an overall success

Nearly 50 community members commended Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost at the second district Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at Faith Lutheran Church. Knost’s continued effort to reach out to the community was warmly received by all who attended.

At the first Town Hall Meeting Dr. Knost sat with other board members and administrators on stage to answer questions. At the most recent meeting, Dr. Knost sat alone while the administration sat in the audience. All questions were directed at him and covered a wide range of topics; from the process of calling off school for snow and bringing in homemade food for parties, to more serious topics of improving foreign language classes, school facilities, drug problems, financial state, and the five-year facilities plan.

The Superintendent hopes to improve the school district as a whole with a five-year plan, mentioned at the Town Hall Meeting, which would call for the construction of tennis courts and an auditorium. The plan also includes goals to improve basic features of schools (including floors, lights, etc.)

Although improvements are in the future, the district still has the issue of paying for them. Dr. Knost assured community members on Jan. 19 that a store of community reserves and low construction prices can allow the district to fulfill these planned projects without raising tax prices within the community.

Dr. Knost’s attempts to reach out, share his plans, and improve have been rewarding to the community; a third Town Hall meeting is being planned for the spring.