Armstrong goes on headstrong

Armstrong goes on headstrong

For the first time ever, OHS is supporting the well known To Write Love On Her Arms Campaign (TWLOHA). A campaign Kaitlyn Armstrong (12) has made her priority  to include at OHS.

“To write love on her arms is a non profit organization that raises money and awareness on depression, addiction and self injury, to write love on her arms  has always been a very important campaign to me for a long time and after lots of debating I finally decided to participate in the Storytellers High school Campaign,” Armstrong said.

The Storytellers High school Campaign sponsored by TWLOHA is encouraging students to create events, sell exclusive TWLOHA  bracelets and to share the story of TWLOHA to peers.

“I had to submit an application online, return a permission form and find an advisor who was willing to supervise during the campaign which is Mrs. Jennifer Gross,” Armstrong said.

After being accepted to the campaign, Armstrong received resources to help her raise money and awareness around the school.

“I received a manual explaining the campaign more and tools to help me fundraise during the campaign but I am allowed to come up with other ideas to raise funds and to make people more aware of the campaign. Selling the bracelets is the big and important fundraising to write love on her arms requires,” Armstrong said.

(Ideas such as a story telling lounge that was held in the drama center on March 13, at tickets were $4).

“The story telling lounge is basically a chance for students to share their story with other students,” Mrs. Gross said. Armstrong is also fundraising at T.G.I. Fridays on March 14, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Each school that was accepted into the campaign has been separated into brackets and the school with the most fundraising will be appreciated with a TWLOHA event that will include a video presentation, a staff speaker and musical performance by a musician who supports TWLOHA.

“I think it would be awesome if we raise the most money and win the campaign,” Armstrong said. “I really hope we accomplish that”

“Its just that to write love on her arms has always been very important to me because they reach out to those who are depressed and have an addiction,” Armstrong said. It makes me proud of myself that I am involved and helping those in need.”